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Surplus GLOBAL Inc.

... in Electronics Industry, we have plenty of experiences in purchasing multi million dollars equipment in bulk from international enterprises and holds highest level of purchasing power and proven records in Asia. Purchasing entire production line of Semiconductor equipment, Package, Automated Tester and SMT when there are idle/used equipment. ...

100% record

... телефона или планшета. Company represent a ruggedized waterproof wireless sensor/logger for monitoring the temperature of concrete from fresh stage to hardened stage. The continuous measurements are recorded on the SmartRock memory and can be downloaded any time during the concrete setting and hardening onsite using the mobile application on smartphone/tablet. Россия, 677027, Якутск, ул. Октябрь ...

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Культурный Центр СИГНОН

... мастерство для вокалистов; - Актерское мастерство для школьников; - Битбокс; - Блюзовая гармония и джазовая импровизация; - Вокальный ансамбль. В рамках школы действует студия звукозаписи Signon Records * Акустические гитары, щипковые инструменты, аксессуары * Духовые инструменты, аксессуары * Органы, клавишные инструменты, синтезаторы, аксессуары * Ударные инструменты, электронные ударны ...

... Бренды: СИГНОН * Россия, 121165, Москва * ул. Киевская, д. 22 * Телефон: +7(495)790-00-24, +7(495)790-00-24, +7(926)244-60-04, +7(926)244-60-04 ...

100% record

... OLOGY CO. LTD Продукты компании * Sheenbow Holographic laser unicorn... Sheenbow vaccum rainbow pigment imparts smooth surface, chrome-like mirror effect and high-reflective, when light waves are recorded at different angles... Бренды компании * Sheenbow Pearlescent pigment, color cosmetic, nail polish Company Brand Result 1. Страна происхождения Китай 2. Подробное описаниеPearlescent p ...

100% record
BAUMA 2019

... untries. Thats a rise of more than nine percent. A total of 3.423 exhibitors - 1.263 from Germany and 2.160 from abroad - from 58 countries presented their products, developments and innovations on a record 605.000 square meters of exhibition space. Exhibitors from outside Germany accounted for 63 percent of the total - higher than ever before. Munich, Germany, April 8-14, 2019, Гер ...

100% record

... ehran, 19, Arasbaran sq., Djulfa Ave. Seyed Khandan, 1541983313 Tel.: +98 (21) 22883449; +98 (21) 22883448 PARS TILE is a company with the longest past record of holding double firing tile and also the most successful producer of porcelain tile in Iran. PARS TILE was established in 1973 and was utilized in 1977 and executed its development projects w ...

100% record
CS Clean Solutions AG

... ce centers, we have been serving customers in the semiconductor industry for over 25 years. Based on our proprietary dry bed absorption technology, our products have earned an unparalleled track record for safety, process reliability and environment allysustainable manufacturing. ...

100% record

... онтактов с производителями и их непосредственными представителями, обеспечивающими снабжение напрямую - Airtex, Coram, Corteco, Dura, Expert Line, FAE, Hutchinson, Lecoy, Mecafilter, Misfat, Purflux, Record, Sasic, Talosa, Vernet и Woking. Благодаря широкому ассортименту и гибкому подходу к нуждам и потребностям Клиентов, Е-МОТО сотрудничает с множеством надежных партнеров по всей Европе. ...

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... rer of concrete plants The basic directions of Ltd. The group of companies KIP-Service activities: -Designing, production and assembling of industrial equipment, building of concrete plants; -Complex reconstruction, modernization and automation of concrete plants; -Elaboration of automatic control systems of any complexity; -Import of industrial equipment. Россия, 420015, Республика Татарстан, Ка ...

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Группа компаний LTM

... ендов: D.A.S. Audio, Alcons, Meyer Sound, Midas, TCS, Carvin, JTS, APB Dynasonics, Crest Audio, Tascam, Lexicon, ABK, XLine, Bespeco, ROBE, ETC, American DJ, Highendled, Spotlight, Anolis, Rosco, Leprecon, Selecon, MA Lighting, Compulite, ASL, Chain Master, Maquinas Iberica, Mobiliario, Leadcom, Adeo Group, Schecter, Aria, Meinl, D`Addario и многие другие. Группа компаний LTM за время своего суще ...

... L Bespeco beyerdynamic Carvin CHAIN MASTER Clay Paky Compulite Crest Audio D.A.S. Audio D`Addario Elation ETC Highendled Inorca JTS Klark Teknik Kupo LabGruppen Leadcom Seating Leprecon Lexicon by HARMAN MA Lighting Maquinas Iberica Meinl Meyer Sound Midas Mobiliario Neutrik Robe Rosco SALZBRENNER STAGETEC Mediagroup Schecter Shure Spotlight Tascam TC Electronic ...

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